Marilyn Kaye

Marilyn Kaye


Marilyn Kaye (born 1949[1]) is a children's author. She taught children's literature at St. John's University, New York.[2] She is the author of many children's and young adult novel series, including the successful Replica and Gifted series.


Marilyn Kaye was born in 1949[1] in New Britain, Connecticut.[4] She spent most of her childhood in Atlanta, Georgia although she spent her tenth year in Montgomery, Georgia and her thirteenth in Ann Arbor, Michigan. [4] She kept a diary as a child and wrote in a wide range of formats.[4]

Marilyn majored in English at Emory University, going on to study a master's degree in library science at Emory and a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Chicago with the thesis title "The nature of didacticism as related to romance and sexuality in young adult novels, 1965-1978".[5] She taught children's literature at St. John's University New York[2] for over twenty years.[4] She began publishing her work in 1984 under the pseudonym Shannon Blair, and has since had much success, particularly with the internationally selling Replica series.[3] She currently lives in Paris and writes full time.[4]