Aly Kendricks
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Aly Kendricks
Gender Female
Species Clone
Age 15
Alias Amy, Number 13
First Appearance Lucky Thirteen
Last Appearance War of the Clones
Status Alive
Location Maine, USA

Aly Kendricks is one 13 clones created by Project Crescent. She is the twin sister of Amy, Number 12. Unlike her fellow clones, Aly is not genetically perfect.

Background Edit

During Project Crescent, which only intended to create 12 Amy clones, Amy, Number 12 produced a twin sister, Amy, Number 13. However, it was determined that Number 13 would not be genetically superior like the rest of her sisters. So, Dr. James Jaleski, the director of the project, arranged for her to be adopted by Mr. Kendricks, the janitor who worked at Project Crescent. Mr. Kendricks and his wife, who had been trying unsuccessfully to adopt a child, named her Aly.

Aly Kendricks is first seen by Amy Candler at a carnival in Los Angeles, California while Aly was with some friends.

Personality Edit

Unlike the series' protagonist, Amy Candler, Aly is a thrill-seeker who likes breaking rules and "living on the wild side." In "Lucky Thirteen," she meets Amy Candler and becomes jealous that she does not possess Amy's near-superhuman skills. In "Return of the Perfect Girls," Aly is kidnapped along with the 11 other surviving clones and taken to a secluded island. The kidnappers mistake her for Amy, Number Three who was killed by other organization members back in "Perfect Girls." When Aly is constantly surrounded by her perfect siblings, she becomes eager to prove herself valuable.

Despite not being perfect, Aly Kendricks is one of the bravest clones and is instrumental in taking down the organization in "War of the Clones."

Appearances Edit

  • Mystery Mother (First mentioned)
  • Lucky Thirteen
  • Return of the Perfect Girls
  • War of the Clones

Abilities Edit

Unlike the other Amy clones, Aly is not perfect, meaning that her skills and abilities are much closer to those of normal humans. She is good at volleyball, but her abilities do not compare to those of her sisters.

Relationships Edit

  • Amy Candler is the first clone Aly meets. They become fast friends, and Aly incorrectly theorizes that they were twins separated at birth. Amy is very protective of Aly, and Aly shares a special bond with Amy based on the friendship they had during "Lucky Thirteen."
  • Amy Sherman/Amy, Number Five meets Aly in "Return of the Perfect Girls" and quickly befriends her. She makes Aly's case to Annie and Eleven, both of whom side with the organization, so that neither of them will vote Aly off the island.