Aimee Evans
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Aimee Evans
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15
Alias Amy, Number Ten
First Appearance Another Amy
Last Appearance War of the Clones
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Aimee Evans, also known as Amy, Number Ten, is a spoiled young actress who is cast in the leading role of "Middle School Maniac," a film that is shot at Parkside Middle School where Amy Candler studies. When she first appears in the series, her hair is dyed blonde and possibly permed. Later in the series, she simply wears it a shade lighter than the rest of the clones. She has no real interest in learning about her past or about the other clones and even has her crescent moon birthmark removed through surgery. Although Amy Candler tries to befriend her, Aimee never reciprocates and is pretty consistently hated by all of the Amys for being selfish and rude.

Background Edit

Aimee Evans was one of thirteen female Project Crescent clones who were put up for adoption after the scientists decided to terminate the experiment. She is adopted by a "stage mother" who encourages her to use her superior skills to land acting jobs. Growing up in show business makes Aimee into a very self-centered and lonely person.

Personality Edit

Aimee Evans is probably one of the least agreeable Amy clones. Although she is not outright evil like Annie Perrault, Aimee is the first clone to be voted off the island in "Return of the Perfect Girls" because of her constant complaining and frustrating behavior.

Appearances Edit

  • Another Amy
  • Return of the Perfect Girls
  • War of the Clones

Abilities Edit

Aimee Evans is a skilled actress and a decent impersonator. She spends much of "War of the Clones" pretending to be Amy, Number Eight and deceiving the good clones.

Relationships Edit

  • Amy Candler - Aimee is grateful to Amy for informing her about Project Crescent but has no desire to have a real friendship with her.